Kiera's 1st Birthday

Posted by hungry kelpie (Sydney, Australia) on 11 November 2011 in People & Portrait.

Happy Birthday Kiera! Mommy and daddy loves you very much.

You've been such a wonderful blessing to us and have brought the family so much joy and warmth. Your laughter and squeals of delight always brings a smile to our faces. We're particularly thankful to God for bringing you into our lives.

The last two months have been amazing. Within the span of a few weeks, you've suddenly learnt to crawl (a little wobbly at first and now it looks like you are doing regular patrols from room to room!). Good thing we installed the baby security gates in time.

Mommy and daddy have also gotten the sense that you've started to understand us. You're pointing at items or objects that we've named or have taught you. At the moment, you seem to be fascinated with babies, sunglasses, baubles, and cars.

Talking about cars - you also love all things with wheels - pictures of cars and tractors, real cars, and toy cars too! This might explain why your first word sounds very much like "car"! Otherwise, Miffy the Rabbit is still your favorite toy - thats why mommy bought you the cake with pictures of Miffy on it!

You've also recently learnt how to hold your drinking cup and sip through the straw by yourself. You've also started standing upright unassisted by yourself! These don't sound like a big feat but we're so proud of you. Keep up the good work!

(Note: Above are some photos of your birthday party! Going clockwise, grandparents with yeeyee & great-grand aunt on top right, uncles and aunties bottom right, and great-grand uncles and aunties on the bottom left.)



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